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Elastogenic Utility of Nitric Oxide Cues and Applications Thereof in Tissue Engineering

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Methods and compositions for enhancing the endogenous synthesis, deposition, or both, of extracellular matrix components through the use of a nitric oxide donor.


Methods, devices, and compositions for enhancing the elastogenic properties of cellular constructs, especially smooth muscle cells, are provided. The methods provide enhanced synthesis, deposition, or both of endogenous extracellular matrix components. Also provided are devices for co-culturing at least two different cell types.


Chandrasekhar R. Kothapalli, Ph.D., Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Commercial Applications

The technology has high potential for clinically-relevant translational therapeutics and could supply nitric oxide from an external source (either pure gas cylinder or pure solution via a catheter) for localized delivery to diseased aortic tissue for patients suffering from aortic aneurysms, diabetes, atherosclerosis, third degree burns, or pelvic organ prolapse.


  • First known method to preserve or restore elastin matrix within diseased aorta.

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