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Voltage controlled metabolism

Short Description

An electrochemical bio-catalytic system that applies voltage in a controlled manner to an electrochemical cell in order to control the kinetics of a metabolic reaction taking place in a single organism or organisms.


An electrochemical-electrostatic bio-catalytic system for voltage controlled metabolism that includes a conventional three electrode cell modified with at least one additional gating electrode. The rate of a metabolic process occurring in at least one organism disposed on a working electrode is controllable by applying a gating voltage to at least one gating electrode. The rate of metabolic process may be controlled by altering at least one of the magnitude and polarity of the applied gating voltage.


Siu-Tung Yau, Ph.D.

Commercial Applications

  • Production of alcoholic beverages

  • Ethanol production by fermentation

  • Food processing applications that involve fermentation

  • Cancer treatment


  • Increases the rate of ethanol production by fermentation.

  • More cost effective when compared existing methods and devices.

  • Much quicker process when compared to existing methods and devices.

IP Information

U.S. provisional application no. 61/924,072 (filed 1.6.14)

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