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Microperfusion tissue interrogator

Short Description

New and unique tissue culture microdevice (bioMEMS) technology allowing investigators to interrogate epithelial cells in a controlled manner.


A two-sided flow-through cell layer measurement device includes a first zone, a second zone, and a porous membrane between the first and second zones. A tissue sample includes the cell layer on the porous membrane. A fluid is on at least one side of the tissue. The flow through chamber permits simultaneous optical and electrical measurements of the cell layer. Properties of the cell layer, for example response to drugs or toxins, are determined based on the optical and electrical measurements.


Andrew Resnick, Ph.D., Cleveland State University.
Ulrich Hopfer, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University.
Christian Zorman, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University.

Commercial Applications

  • Laboratory culture and testing of cells and tissue samples analogous to other high-throughput technologies.


  • Unique microdevice and method allowing investigators to interrogate adherent cells in a controlled manner.

  • Allows for smaller sample sizes than conventional measurement devices, increasing measurement sensitivity and speed. Also permits use of rare and scarce cells.

  • More cost effective method than conventional methods/devices.

IP Information

U.S. provisional application no. 61/907,833 (filed 11.22.13)

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