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Wind Harnessing System

Short Description

Novel design for harnessing wind energy.


Cleveland State researchers have developed a better way to harness electric power from wind, especially at relatively lower wind speeds where conventional windmills remain stagnant. The research has focused on the use of round structures for increasing wind speed as the wind approaches the turbines. The benefit of this particular wind tower system is to convert wind energy into electricity at geographic sites where the wind speed is relatively low.


Dr. Majid Rashidi, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Commercial Applications

  • Conversion of wind energy into electricity at geographic sites where speed is relatively low.

  • Adaptable as a retrofit to the existing cylindrical structures such as water towers and silos.

  • Urban areas with low speed regimes (5 to 6 miles per hour).


  • Cost reduction for generating electricity via reducing the cost of suitable structures that amplify wind speeds.

  • Unique design allows greater flexibility to be constructed and put into use.

  • Increases the capacity factor of standard wind turbines; each turbine on the claimed design should produce an annual energy level that is equivalent to the energy produced by 3 or 4 similar turbines, under similar wind conditions.

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