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Vertical moving support vehicular attachment

Short Description

A vehicle attachment apparatus that satisfies the need for having four-bar linkage assemblies.


A front mounted attachment for sewer cleaning vehicles consisting of four-bar linkage assemblies and hydraulic cylinders. The tray supporting the discharge hose storage reel has three positions; a driving position, a use position and a maintenance position. The four-bar linkage assemblies include a ground, a crank, a connecting rod and a follower. The tray using the four-bar linkage assemblies and hydraulic cylinders is raised and lowered along an axis vertical to the ground. The tray does not move to and away from the vehicle.


Dr. Majid Rashidi, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Commercial Applications

  • Improved vehicle attachment for sewer cleaning.


  • Attachment moves vertically up and down with respect to the vehicle.

  • Attachment can be raised in order to secure a good angle of reach.                   

  • Attachment can be easily situated over a manhole.

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