Community Partners

Cleveland 2030 District

The Cleveland 2030 District is a movement aimed at creating high-performance building districts in the Greater Cleveland area to dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of building construction and operations while improving the competitiveness of businesses. Cleveland State University is roughly 5 million of the 40 million square feet of green spaces of the 2030 District. The 2030 District also partners with the engineering department to perform energy audits on buildings.


Sustainable Cleveland 2019

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is a ten year initiative to engage the Cleveland area in sustainability. The initiative works to improve the environment, economics, and equity of the Cleveland area and provides information for living more sustainably. CSU is a proud supporter of Mayor Frank Jackson's Sustainable Cleveland Summit.


Sustainable Cleveland Stewardship Council

Two CSU staff are members of Mayor Frank Jackson’s Sustainable Cleveland Stewardship Council with the goal of developing a thriving and resilient Cleveland that leverages its wealth of assets to build economic, social and environmental well-being for all.


Cleveland Tree Coalition

The City of Cleveland has partnered with CSU in addition to a collaborative group of public, private, and community stakeholders to create the Cleveland Tree Coalition in order to rebuild the urban forest. Rebuilding the urban forest will improve air quality and improve the welcoming atmosphere of the communities in Cleveland.