Student Wellness

Sexual Violence Prevention & Sexual Health Education

Vikes Care - Peer EducationPeer Educators are nationally certified through BACCHUS of NASPA. They are trained in referral skills, help seeking skills, communication and responding skills, leadership and intervention strategies. Sexual Violence Peer Educators receive additional training as Catalyst/Empowered Bystander Trainers, consent, and trauma informed training.

The goals of this module are to empower Peer Educators to train their peers, take leadership in Sexual Violence Prevention Education efforts on campus, be articulate in presenting Title IV consent and reporting policies, and to utilize skills to make referrals.

If you are interested in becoming a Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Educator complete the form below . For information on other volunteer opportunities with the Health & Wellness Center, contact Denise Keary, Health and Wellness Coordinator, 216-687-2048.