Student Life

Judicial Affairs - Services

Mediation Services:
Students are always encouraged to settle disagreements through civil discourse and honest disclosure. Mediation Services are provided by the Office of Judicial Affairs to support the efforts of individuals to informally resolve conflicts before they are referred to the formal judicial system. The office also provides training in alternative dispute resolution and conflict management.

Student Advocacy:
The Office of Judicial Affairs serves as an office of student advocacy when students are in need of information on how to address a specific issue or concern which is not related to discipline of the judicial process. By providing an environment for non-threatening disclosure the office serves as an information source and as a liaison between the student and other campus entities.

Referral Services:
The office has established relationships with various departments throughout campus as it helps to coordinate interventions for addressing student behavior. On occasion, referrals will be made to other areas which could better address the needs of a particular student or situation. Some areas which referrals are made are: