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CSU Board of Trustees Student Position Now Available!

The Board of Trustees at Cleveland State is the highest level of governance at the university and in collaboration with the University President they are charged with fulfilling the goals set forth in the University Mission Statement. The Board of Trustees serves as the strategic body of the university and its decisions ultimately shape the future of CSU and directly impact students, faculty and staff. By serving as the Student Trustee YOU will have a unique and meaningful opportunity to make a difference and build a network of connections.

  • Open to all full time CSU students: Undergraduate Students ≥ 12 credits, Graduate Students ≥ 9 credits,  Law School Students ≥ 9 credits
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Current undergraduates must be at least Sophomore status at the time of assuming the position.
  • Must currently be a registered Ohio voter
  • Must be currently enrolled in an academic program, or already admitted to a graduate program,  that will continue (at least) until May 2021

Applications available on-line here:


  1. Ohio Amended House Bill 24, effective July 26, 1988, provides for appointments of students as non-voting members to the State Universities Boards of Trustees.

  2. Each year, five candidates will be selected from the CSU student body; from these the Governor’s Office will choose one student to serve a two-year term.

  3. Student Affairs opens applications for four weeks to all students and advertise through campus email, newsletters, social media and other forms of communication.

  4. Applicant eligibility is checked by a staff member in Student Affairs.

  5. A student committee selected by the Interim Vice Provost of Student Affairs reviews the eligible candidate’s applications and ranks the top ten.

  6. Dr. Napier meets with the top candidates to discuss the position and submits the list to President Sands.

  7. President Sands sends a list of finalists to the Governor’s office.

March 6 th-8thThe Department of Student Activities and Involvement will select a student committee. This student committee will be the reviewers of the applicant pool.  This committee will ideally consist of members of SGA, VE, CAB, Greek Life, judicial board, and current student trustees. Interim Vice Provost of Student Affairs will approve of student committee members. 

March 8th- April 5th : Advertising of the application/process will take place via OrgSync blasts, social media posts, and other avenues.

March 8th- April 5th : Application will be open for four weeks via org sync.  Application is open until NOON on April 5th.  After NOON on the April 5th, Student Life designee will check and verify eligibility.

April 8th : All applications will be reviewed by DSL staff, and grades/enrollment status will be checked via campus net.

April 8th-12th : The Student committee will meet, picking students to move forward in the process. Once this list is narrowed down, we will forward the list to SGA to be ratified .This will then be forwarded to Dr. Naper. 

April 15th-19th: Dr. Naper meets with the candidates, and then forwards the list to the President.

The week of April 22nd : Process is completed and the list is in the President's hands for him to forward to the Governor's Office.  

DEADLINE: is due by Friday, April 5th, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.

Questions? Email:

If you would like to learn more about the Board of Trustees please CLICK HERE.