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Board of Elections

2019 SGA Election Results

*winner's names in bold

2019 Executive Board Party

CSU First:

  • Omar Wahdan - President
  • Milica Prica - Vice President
  • Mohammed Rahmy - Secretary
  • Prava Nepal - Treasurer

Better Together:

  • Erykah Betterson - President
  • Noah Mumbach - Vice President
  • Danielle Mihalcea - Secretary
  • Brendan Zak - Treasurer


  • Martin Barnard - President
  • Cassidy Reaser - Vice President
  • Dorothy Zhao - Secretary
  • Ben Frederick - Treasurer

    SGA Senators

    At Large Senator 

    • Mohamed Alsabony
    • Renee Betterson
    • Oluwatoni Kolawole
    • Kanani Sanders
    • Taylor Stockmaster

    College of Science & Health Professions

    • Allyson Ball
    • Jovana Hanna
    • David Imre                 

    College of Liberal Arts/Social Science

    • Thyra Chaney
    • Aleksander Chmura
    • Brian Hill

    Washkewicz College of Engineering

    • Emily Zhao

    Monte Ahuja College of Business

    • Melissa Hickox

    Student Organizations Representative

    • Mikayla Gary

    University Judicial Board

    • Jessica Crtalic
    • Matthew Huskey
    • Eliot Oreskovic

    The Board of Elections (BOE) serves an an independent entity whose primary responsibility is to oversee all election related functions and events for the Student Government Association (SGA).  The BOE works to ensure that the SGA election process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and provides an audience for students, faculty, and staff to address any election related questions or concerns.  The BOE also acts in a consultation capacity to any recognized student organization that requires assistance with their election process. 

    Visit the BOE's website at:

    If you have any questions, please contact the BOE advisor, Matt Knickman at