The Center for Student Involvement

Important RSO Links

Below is a list of important links for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). Any questions can be sent to

  • RSO FAQs Safe Campus
    Please refer to this page as we update and add new information for student organizations during the pandemic.
  • RSO Resource Manual 
    The Student Organization Resource Manual provides an overview of organization functions, responsibilities, and resources. This manual also includes instructions for students wishing to start a new organization. Requests for exceptions to the following policy and procedures can be emailed to the Director of CSAI.
  • IUC (Promotional Vendors) List
    RSOs wishing to order promotional items such as organization clothing, giveaways, banners, etc., can obtain quotes from our three approved vendors. Please conact with any questions.
  • Officer Update Form 
    For student organizations who need to replace an organization officer or advisor or who wants to revive a currently inactive student organization.
  • Constitution Update Form
    RSOs who have made revisions to their constitution must submit their revised draft along with their current constitution in this form. CSI will review the draft and contact the organization with further instructions.
  • Student Government Association Funding Process Quick Guide 
    Provided by SGA, this guide includes the deadline dates for all funding applications as well as the funding process used by Student Government, funding eligibility and what expeditures are ineliligble for funding.
  • Instructions on Submitting Event or Travel Request
    Student organizations who wish to request space on campus (for events, meetings, speakers, etc.) or who are planning to travel can follow these step-by-step instructions how to submit their requests in VikesConnect.
  • Digital Signage Request Form
    For organizations who would like to promote their event on the digital signs (TV screens) located in the Student Center.
  • Viking Newsletter Submission Form
    The Viking Newsletter is sent to all current CSU students every Monday morning during the fall and spring semesters. If a student organization wishes to have their event or announcment considered for the newsletter, use this form to complete the request.
  • Student Organization Printing/Duplicating Request
    Student Organizations can submit their request for duplicating or printing services by CSU Duplicating department. This form is only to be used by student organizations with agency accounts, not General Fee Unit organizations with departmental accounts. All General Fee Unit organizations can go directly to the duplicating department.
  • Advisor Purchase Request Approval Instructions 
    This document contains step-by-step instructions for advisors when they are requested to approve/deny purchase requests from the student organization they advise.
  • Advisor Review and Approval Instructions for Budget (Funding) Requests
    This document has the step-by-step instructions for advisors of RSOs who submit funding (or what we call budget) requests to either Student Government Association or Student Bar Association. 
  • YouTube Channel
    Videos for student organization officers and advisors on using the VikesConnect platform, inluding officer training sessions, roster tool walk-through and submitting budget requests.