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Student Healthy Community Social Contract

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As a member of the CSU community, your health and safety are our primary concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure, we all play an important role in limiting transmission of this virus; therefore, as a student you are required to agree to these protective behaviors to help keep our community healthy and safe. If you adhere to the Commitment, you must agree to practice appropriate precautionary measures as laid out by the CDC and as outlined in the statements below.

In order to best support you and your return to campus, it is necessary for the University to obtain the following information. You must complete the online Healthy Community Social Contract prior to your return to campus, and at the beginning of every semester thereafter. This Social Contract is in effect until further notice. By completing this Social Contract, you are confirming that the information you are providing below is accurate and truthful each day before you come to campus.

Procedure for a safe campus.  Protect yourself and others around you.​​​​​​​