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Student Health & Wellness Programs

Student Health & Wellness Programs
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Student Health and Wellness is a program in Health and Wellness Services that is committed to keeping CSU students healthy by providing opportunities for them to develop skills, access information and engage in a wellness culture that empowers healthy living and active lifestyles.

Their Mission: To support student success through efforts and initiatives that address campus and community health risks and reduce personal health risk factors.  CSU Health and Wellness is committed to:

  • Empowering  students with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make healthy and success-oriented decisions through the incorporation of evidence-based initiatives
  • Examining factors that influence CSU students' health and success, and sharing relevant and timely information with the campus community
  • Promoting an inclusive and healthy living and learning environment
  • Facilitating the establishment of behaviors  for life-long commitments to health and well-being

Their Vision: To create a culture of wellness by providing collaborative, inclusive, student centered programs that promote self-care, responsibility, outreach and educational experiences  supporting  the development of the whole student.