Student Affairs

Creating an Inclusive Environment for All

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is committed to promoting an inclusive, diverse and respectful learning environment for all, grounded in civility and open dialogue. Cleveland State University recognizes all members of our campus community bring their own cultures, unique talents, skills, perspectives and experiences. Cleveland State University is made better because of our diverse composition.

In Student Affairs we promote inclusion. We celebrate diversity. We empower individuals to express themselves in all of their unique identities.  We are committed to creating a culture of belonging and inclusion at CSU for all of our students.

We care and respond when our CSU community members have negative experiences and feel marginalized. We have policies in place to address reported concerns. These policies seek to protect individuals in our campus community from discrimination and harassment, and support students as they find their voices as citizens. We remain open to engaging in meaningful dialogue on how all of us – every CSU Community member – can contribute to our goals of inclusion in a respectful learning environment.

Our staff collectively work to provide programming and services that value students’ respective cultures, identities, views, and beliefs.  Through services and programs and collaboration with faculty and community and student organizations, we seek to promote and foster an understanding and appreciation for diverse lived experiences. It is our hope to enhance students’ skills to navigate the diverse world within and outside of CSU.

Updated 9/2020