Student Affairs

Creating an Inclusive Environment for All

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is committed to promoting an inclusive, diverse and respectful learning environment for all, based on civility and open dialogue. To that end, we have implemented policies that protect students and all members of our community from discrimination and harassment.

Simply put, intolerance has no place on our campus.

While privacy concerns prevent us from commenting on specifics, when any student brings a complaint forward the matter is promptly and thoroughly investigated by CSU’s Office for Institutional Equity and appropriately adjudicated. Based on the outcome of the investigation action is taken to address the situation, eliminate the effects of a policy violation and prevent its reoccurrence.

The University has zero tolerance for any form of hostility rooted in intolerance.

This past spring, CSU was made aware of anti-Semitic messages posted on Twitter from the personal social media accounts of CSU students. In a message to the entire campus community, CSU President Ronald M. Berkman denounced these tweets and reiterated the spirit of inclusiveness that is central to the identity of our university. CSU administrators met with the students involved for productive conversations to address the issue. We also convened a group of key student organizations to discuss potential opportunities for enhancing a safe and supportive campus.

Similarly, when anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered at CSU in 2015, the CSU president as well as the CSU Faculty Senate issued strong condemnations. The university’s unequivocal response to the incident was commended by the Cleveland Hillel Foundation.

Amid the ongoing national debate about inclusion and civility, the CSU Division of Student Affairs is sponsoring a working group of student leaders who are planning a series of events for the upcoming academic year to enhance dialogue around these issues. As part of this effort, a forum on the conflicts of the Middle East is being planned for the fall semester.

Let there be no doubt: Cleveland State University will continue to actively support all students so that they may engage in our full array of classes, programs, services and activities in a safe and welcoming environment.