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Career Services Center

Career Services Center
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Cleveland State University’s Career Services Center has the responsibility to prepare you for life after graduation, for the world of work and empower you to contribute to our region’s economic success. They offer a variety of programs, workshops, courses and employment opportunities to assist you in reaching your career goals.


  • Jessica Colombi 
    Executive Director
  • Amy Goldman
    Associate Director 
    Liaison: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Alumni Affairs and Center for International Services & Programs

  • Karen Lieske 
    Assistant Director 
    Liaison: Business and Education

  • Hyacinthe Raven 
    Student Employment Program Manager
  • Lynn Leon 
    Career Specialist  
    Liaison: Business, Engineering, Nursing and Law

  • Elaine Suarez 
    Career Specialist  
    Liaison: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and Urban Affairs

  • Kyle Znamenak 
    Career Research and Data Specialist 
    Liaison: College of Science & Health Professions