Sponsored Programs and Research Services

StaMP - Statistical Mentoring Program

The Statistical Mentoring Program (StaMP) comprises CSU faculty and staff members with statistical expertise who provide voluntary assistance to CSU faculty and staff members in need of consultation and expert advice in statistical and research methodologies. If you are at the beginning of a research project, or if you are an early career researcher, this service will be particularly valuable to you as it will provide you expert advice on design and implementation of your project.

The program provides mentors to CSU researchers and seeks to create research collaborations, develop new ideas for research tracks, and develop networks of university researchers. StaMP collaborations also help the university to further its mission to create a vibrant academic research and scholarship community. Through this web page, you may contact a mentor directly. A list of the current StaMP mentors, along with a short description of each mentor’s strengths and interests is provided.

If you are not sure which person you should contact, please click here to send an e-mail to OSPR defining your needs and SPRS will provide the name and contact information of recommended expert(s) from which you may choose your mentor . Upon completion of the project, please remember to fill out the follow-up form and send it to SPRS at the address found on the form.

Any member of the CSU community who would like to volunteer to serve as a Mentor in the StaMP program should contact OSPR. Your e-mail message should provide the following:

  • Area(s) of expertise;
  • Typical application(s) in which you have used these techniques (e.g. factor analysis – personality questionnaires; MANOVA – animal drug models, etc.); Department;
  • Campus address and telephone; and
  • Current CV.