Sponsored Programs and Research Services

SPRS Remote Operations

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Services is currently operating remotely. Our faculty and students should see no interruption in the services we provide.   All staff will continue to be available by contacting them via email or their CSU extension, as their extensions have been forwarded to their cell phones.


Proposal submission process remains unchanged.  Cayuse is accessible from all browsers, and does not require VPN access  As long as sponsors are still accepting proposals, no disruption to the proposal submission process should occur due to  the  current situation. As a reminder:

  1. SPRS continues to ask for the full proposal routed through Cayuse three (3) days prior to the submission deadline.
  2. All approvals are required in the routing chain.  The standard routing chain is:
    1.  PI – Starts routing Process
    2. Chair of Department approves
    3. Budget Manager/Fiscal Officer
    4. Dean of College
    5. SPRS/AOR
  3. The Dean or Associate Dean can request changes to the routing chain due to illness, vacation etc.  Contact either Teri Kocevar or Lisa Franklin for changes.

Post Award

  1. SPRS Grants will be able to review travel forms for domestic travel when submitted electronically, either by scanning the form and emailing or attaching the PDF version for electronic signature.  This should be sent to the senior accountant assigned to college/area. 
  2. Salary contracts, charged to grants and sponsored awards, submitted via Budget will also need to be emailed to the senior accountant assigned to the given college for review and approval.
  3. All other items including purchases should be processed within Magnus Mart and SPRS will review when applicable for 5K and higher. 
  4. Journal entries., budget modifications, no cost extension requests etc. will continue to follow the same procedures of submitting the applicable information to the appropriate email box.
  5. New Awards will be set up as SPRS receives awards from the sponsor.