Sponsored Programs and Research Services

Proposal Budget Assistance from SPRS

Budget Development Assistance

SPRS can assist you in developing a budget that includes salary, student support, participant support, equipment, travel, and any other budget items. Faculty and staff in Business, Education, CLASS, and Central Administration should contact Teri Kocevar, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research Services, at x3675 or m.kocevar@csuohio.edu. Faculty in Engineering, Science, Law, Nursing, and Urban Affairs should contact Lisa Franklin, Assistant Director, at x3607 or l.franklin@csuohio.edu.

Additional information on federal guidance for budget preparation can be found on this page.

Assistance Entering Your Budget in Cayuse

If you provide SPRS with your budget, we will enter it in Cayuse. Based on your college affiliation as listed above, send your budget to either Teri Kocevar or Lisa Franklin.

The items that we need to input the budget in Cayuse include:

  1. Compensation and effort for the Principal Investigator (PI) and all key personnel
  2. Compensation for all other personnel (students, postdocs, staff, etc.)
  3. Non-salary expenses (supplies, consultants, participant costs, travel, etc.)
  4. Sub-awardee budget and contact information, if applicable
  5. Budget justification
  6. Sponsor name
  7. Anticipated grant start date and end date
  8. Request for Proposal (RFP), if available
  9. Deadline for proposal submission
  10. Indicate if the project will include animal subjects, human subjects, and/or hazardous materials
  11. Is cost share included? Yes/No. Note that you are responsible for securing any cost share.

After we enter your budget in Cayuse, you will still be able to tweak the budget before you route the proposal for approval by your Chair and Dean.