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Cayuse Grants Management

All proposals must be submitted through the electronic Cayuse Grants Management System. If you would like assistance in creating the Cayuse shell, you can use the new “Request to set up Cayuse" form and a SPRS Pre-Award staff member will create and populate the Cayuse form for you. If you are comfortable enough with Cayuse and would like to submit it yourself in the system please continue logging in below.

Logging in to Cayuse Grants Management

Log in to Cayuse Grants Management

At the login page, enter your 7-digit CSU ID number for your Username and your CampusNet password for your Password. If you are unable to log in, your account may need to be enabled in the system -- please contact SPRS so we can look into your account.

Help on Using Cayuse
  Training Webinars on How to Use Cayuse

CSU faculty and staff members can view all training webinars from their browser. You will need to log in with your CSU ID and password. These webinars were produced by Evisions for how to use the Cayuse Grants Management System.

  Quick Start Resources
  Additional Training (From the Cayuse Website)

You can consult the Cayuse support desk, which has how-to articles on specific topics related to using Cayuse Grants Management. You will need to create an account (independent of your CSU account) to access the support articles.