Cleveland State University


Resident Student Parking

CSU has a “Proximity based” parking system, that means the type of hangtag you purchase determines where you park. Campus residents may purchase one of three types of hangtags available.

Hangtags are priced based on the parking access they provide relative to the parking location’s proximity to the core of campus. Campus Residents have three options:

  • White hangtags provide access to non-core, perimeter parking (including access to the South Garage by swiping your Viking Card). This hangtag option is priced to provide the maximum value.
  • Green hangtags provide access to core parking and the South Garage (access is provided through your Viking ID card).
  • Prepaid hangtags for Prospect Garage (PG) will be restricted to:
    • a) students living in a University residence hall and
    • b) a limited number of employees.
  • PG hangtags ONLY provide access to the Prospect Garage and South Garage and are not accepted in other parking locations on campus.

Hangtag Information

  • Purchase hangtag permits via CSU GO Online Parking System. Login with your CSU ID & password.
  • Hangtags are issued on a first come basis. All hangtags are limited and may sell out.
  • Visa, MC or Discover are accepted or charges may be posted to your student account.
  • Your hangtag provides access to a zone; not a specific lot or garage. Parking outside of your zone is not permitted
  • Once a garage has filled, it will not be re-opened until 10 spaces become available.
  • Access to PG and SG is via your Viking ID card. If your Viking Card does not work, use the call box available at each entry and exit point or contact Parking at 216-687-2023 for assistance. Do not attempt to exit the garage by tailgating or lifting the gate.
  • Keep your card in sync – do NOT swipe anyone else in or out of the garages.
  • Garage availability will be posted via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Please read about the Escalation Based System for citations.


CSU Parking Prices 2013-2014
Option A–White Hangtags Price
Student $191.00
Option B—Green Hangtags
Option C--Prospect Garage $262.00
Daily rates for parking on campus  
South Garage and Prospect Garage $2 for first hour - $1 per hour after. Max $10 per day. Day restarts at 12am
Lot 22 & RC (Rec Garage), pre pay at the Paystation $1 per 30 minutes. Max 5-hour increments.
On Campus Parking Meters $.25/ 10 minutes (1.50/hour)


By purchasing a White hangtag, you will be able to park in any of the following locations. By purchasing a Green hangtag, you will be able to park in any of the following locations. By purchasing a PG hangtag, you will be able to park in the following locations.
Lot 10 – Between, E. 21st and E. 22nd, south of Payne Ave West Garage (WG) -E. 17th between Euclid and Chester. Prospect Garage (Swipe your Viking ID card)
Lot 11 – Payne Court, between, E. 21st and E. 22nd Central Garage (CG) - at the core of campus - entrances on E. 19th and E. 21st. South Garage (Swipe your Viking ID card)
Lot 14 - Payne, behind Krenzler Field Main Classroom Garage (MG) - under Main Classroom building.
Lot 41, 19th & Carnegie, near Wolstein Loading Dock. UG Garage - under the Science & Research building - entrance from Chester Avenue.
Lot 50 – Payne Ave, between, E. 22st and E. 23rd Lot 61 - behind the Chester Building - entrance from Chester Avenue.  
Lot 51 – Payne Court, between, E. 22nd and E. 23rd Lot 20 - north of the Campus Safety building.  
Lot 54 – Between, E. 23rd and E. 24th, south of Payne
East Garage (EG) - east of the Recreation Center - entrance from Chester Avenue drive.  
Lot 57 – E. 24th, west of the Physical Plant building South Garage - swipe in and out with your Viking Card!  
Lot 80 – south of Prospect, east of Heritage Hall (ONLY in designated “CSU Parking” spaces).    
Lot 90 – E. 30th between Euclid and Chester. CSU section only.    
South Garage - swipe in and out with your Viking Card!    

Campus Safety Escort

Students who must walk on campus at night are encouraged to use CSU Escorts by calling 216-687-2020 (campus extension 2020) when traveling to and from destinations.