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Personal Laptop Protection


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Protect your laptop in seconds.

Cleveland State University Students, Faculty and Staff: you can now add a proven security tool to recover your computers if they are misplaced or taken from you. FrontDoorSoftware Laptop Loss & Recovery software is available to you for free. The software installs in seconds and only a few minutes of your time is required to provide you with peace of mind that if your laptop is stolen or lost you now have an option to try to pinpoint its location.

Installation includes four years of software tracking service to help you and Cleveland State's Department of Public Safety or local law enforcement recover your laptop with its invaluable information, music, emails and pictures. Take a few minutes to do it now—it’s free when you sign up with your university email address (e.g.

Would you like to learn more about how our recovery software can help you protect your laptop?   Visit this page for more information.