Student Travel Awards

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How to Get Funding to Present your Research at a Conference

Note:  The information on this page is intended to assist Psychology students who are interested in getting travel funding by pulling together information from various sources.  It is not a substitute for understanding CSU Travel Policies, nor is it meant to guarantee any reimbursement even if you follow these steps.  Finally, availability of funding and policies regarding reimbursement are subject to change.  Please speak with the Psychology Deparment Coordinator (Bess:, 216.687.2552, or UN 716) for further information.

Sources of possible funding: Undergraduates Eligible Graduates Eligible Notes
Sources of Funding
Department of Psychology No Yes Typically for first author only
College of Science and Health Professions (COSHP) Yes Yes  
College of Graduate Studies No Yes Eligible only if Department/Researcher level and COSHP level has given money
Office of Research - Undergraduate Research Program Check their website for current availability of this funding for conference travel No The conference travel option for this program might phased out
Student Life (via student org to which you belong) Yes Yes Student organizations submit budget request and group application to Student Life.
Your Researcher or PI (usually only if they have a grant) Yes Yes Rarely, a researcher may have budgeted for student travel

For Graduate Students - Department/COSHP/College of Graduate Studies Funding:

  • If you are presenting a peer-reviewed paper or poster, you are eligible to apply for Department funding.  If you receive Department funding, you will be eligible for COSHP funding, if you receive COSHP funding, you will be eligible for Grad Studies funding.
  • Getting through this process takes time.  Please aim to submit this a month and a half before travel.  It takes at least a week at each office to get these signed.
Pre-Approval Forms:

Travel Approval & Expense Report:

  • Pick this up from the Psychology Department Coordinator.
  • This is a serial numbered report, you must fill out the top portion (“Travel Approval”) before travel for pre-approval. 
  • You fill out the rest (“Travel Expenses”) when you return from travel.
  • You need to get the Government Per Diem MI&E rate for your destination.
  • Destination = City/State, Purpose = what conference and if you are presenting, Common Carrier = Cost of flight

COHSP Travel Pre-Approval Authorization Form:

  • Only needed if you teach a class.

COHSP Student Travel Fund Request:

  • This tells the Department and College what your reason for travel is, and requests funding from these.
  • Attach a printout of what the conference is (including conference name and dates).
  • Attach abstract of poster or presentation.
  • Attach correspondence such as an email from the conference organizer stating that your poster or presentation has been accepted.
  • Eligible once per academic year.
  • When estimating costs for meals, use the MIE per diem rate.  For the MIE, you get 75% for the first and last day and 100% for each day in between.

Graduate College’s Graduate Student Conference Travel Fund Request:

  • Somewhat duplicative from the previous form.  This one includes an area where each previous level (Department and College) must sign to demonstrate their willingness to contribute a certain amount fund your travel.
  • Grad College may cover up to 1/3 of the travel, matching the level of Department or College. 
  • Eligible once per academic year.

Pre-Approval Process: 

  • Turn in all of these forms and attachments to the Psychology Department Coordinator (Bess in UN 716) as a packet AT LEAST 6 WEEKS BEFORE TRAVEL.
  • The Coordinator will review the information you have provided and then the packet of forms can make the rounds for funding approval from Department, College and Grad College.
  • During travel, keep all of your receipts except food.  For food reimbursement, you will request the MIE per diem rate.  For the MIE, you get 75% for the first and last day and 100% for each day in between.
  • If you plan to rent a car, it must be from Enterprise, and see Bess before travel because there are extra regulations.
  • If flying, TRY TO RETAIN YOUR BOARDING PASSES for submission with expense report.
  • If you travel with others, we can only reimburse the person who pays for something. If you share a hotel room, we can only reimburse the person or persons who pay and have a receipt. 
Reimbursement after Travel:
  • WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF TRAVEL, submit all your preapproval information along with all of your receipts from travel including boarding passes.
  • For each line of travel form, indicate date, where you were (or going to and from, such as Cleveland, OH to Pittsburgh, PA) and expenses incurred on that date going across the line.
  • You may use multiple lines for a single date, but prefer that each expense incurred gets its own line.
  • Hotel: can split up receipt total across multiple days, or note as a lump sum on the date of receipt.
  • Food: Note that you cannot request reimbursement for a meal that was included in the conference fee.
  • Receipts:  Originals, not copies.  Must show that the transaction was completed.