Faculty - Experimental Research M.A. Program

The following core faculty members provide research mentorship for students in the Experimental Research program. Follow the links to their individual websites for more details.

Dr. Smith

Albert Smith​, Program Director​
Associate Professor
Research Interests: reading, memory, nutrition & diet ​
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Dr. Allard

Eric Allard​
Assistant Professor ​
Research Interests: Emotion regulation, affective processing, cognitive aging ​
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Dr. McLennan

Conor McLennan​
Professor and Chair
Research Interests: language perception, bilingualism, cognitive aging, password security​
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Dr. Slifkin

Andrew Slifkin
Associate Professor​
Research Interests: Motor control, motor imagery, movement disorders ​
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Dr. Vail

Kenneth Vail​
Assistant Professor​
Research Interests: social psychology, terror management theory,  political & religious belief​
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