Pre-Professional Health Programs

Pre-Physician Academic Coursework

The following courses are the minimum required by most PA schools. There are several Physician Assistant Programs in the state of Ohio, and an online directory of programs can be found on the Physican Assistant Education Association Directory.

It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with your pre-professional advisor prior to enrolling in any prerequisites for PA school. A pre-professional advisor will review your plans, your progress and discuss future courses of action. 

Course Number

Course Title

BIO 200/201/202/203

Intro Biology I/II/Labs

BIO 306/307 or CHM 402


BIO 264/265 or 416/417


BIO 310/311


BIO 266/267/268/269 OR HSC 475/457 & HSC 422/450

A&P I/II OR Human Gross Anatomy and Clinical Physiology

CHM 261/262/266/267

General Chemistry I/II/Labs

CHM 331/336/332/337

Organic Chemistry I/II/Labs

PHY 221/231

College Physics I/Lab

PSY 101 & 345 OR 223 (depends on schools)

Intro to Psychology & Abnormal Psychology OR Lifespan Development

HSC 203

Medical Terminology

STA 147


Additional Course Recommendations: Please see Pre-Professional Health Programs and the online Physician Assistant Directory.

The above list is not comprehensive and some schools require less than the suggestions listed above. Each PA school may have slightly different requirements and it is the responsibility of the student to take prerequisite courses according to the schools he or she plans to apply to.  The suggestions above represent the prerequisite requirement for PA Programs in the state of Ohio.