Operation STEM

STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs)

STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs)

STEM Peer Teachers work with the MTH 167 & 168 Precalculus and/or MTH 181 & 182 Calculus professors to instruct, mentor and assist the students during their SPT sessions. The primary goal of STEM Peer Teacher is to help increase student (primarily freshmen and sophomores) interests, abilities and confidence to pass their Precalculus/Calculus class.

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The STEM Peer Teachers engage in 10-12 hours of professional development prior to the start of each semester in order to prepare materials for the SPT sessions, learn how to teach math effectively, manage a classroom and challenging students, etc., (see all topics below). The sessions are designed and led by CSU faculty, staff, graduate students and returning SPTs.

Topics include:

  1. Expectations of a STEM Peer Teacher – Mathematics
  2. Tips on How to Work as a Team
  3. Communication Protocol with Students
  4. Accessing Google Drive for all Relevant SPT Documents
  5. Introduction (First Day) Documents
  6. SPT Office Hour Protocol
  7. Weekly SPT Meetings
  8. Supervisor Observation & Performance Evaluations
  9. Relevant Literature
  10. Psychology of Math
  11. What to Say and Not to Say While Working on Math Problems
  12. How to Respond to All Types of Students' Answers
  13. Strategies for Studying Math
  14. Effective Classroom Instruction
  15. Peer Mentoring
  16. FERPA Training 

Survey Result

Many of the SPTs plan to be secondary or college mathematics instructors and the professional development, hands-on teaching, collaboration with faculty and fellow peer teachers, student interaction. Design and implementation of materials provides these potential future teachers with valuable classroom experience and practice.

Past Conference Presentation

The Youngstown State University Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
February 22nd, 2014 (6 students (3 pairs) presenting three (3) OpSTEM topics)

Impacts of Operation STEM
Corinne Sandor and Kristen Schuler
Operation STEM is a forthcoming program that is significantly improving the way math is learned and taught. After only one semester of implementation, Operation STEM has tremendously impacted statistics and other aspects one wouldn't have imagined. With such great results, this program is one worth keeping.

Operation STEM: Changing How Students Tackle Math
Lamar Bigsby and Anthony Brzozowski
 Have you ever wondered what is missing from a traditional math class? By organizing more time for hands-on, engaged learning with STEM Peer Teachers, students are demonstrating improved mastery of the material. Stop by and hear what techniques and materials are used to help make this happen in math courses at Cleveland State University.

Students Teaching Students: Really, How?
Tim Lorion and Matt Lysyj
Exploration of the concept of undergraduates teaching other undergraduates as peer mentors in mathematics. This includes a multitude of benefits for both the teacher and student, which tend to be long lasting. To some extent we've all experienced this benefit resulting from peer-to-peer interaction, and we'd like to share with you our experiences!