Cleveland State University Partnerships for Urban Health

NEOMED-CSU Early Assurance Undergraduate Pathway

Students pursuing their bachelor’s degree at CSU and seeking early assurance to medical school can apply to the NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health Early Assurance Program. Once admitted, students will spend their remaining two years at CSU completing their bachelors degree, preparing for the MCAT, while participating in a variety of opportunities that offer exposure to urban health and primary care.

To be competitive for admission, an applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum score of 26 on ACT or  SAT equivalent (or be enrolled in good standing in CSU's honor’s college/program in lieu of that minimum ACT score).  
  • College GPA of at least 3.4
  • Be a sophomore or junior at CSU during time of application
  • Show successful completion of a minimum of 20 semester hours of coursework in the subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and/or Math (BCPM) at the time of early assurance consideration. All graded courses must be completed with grades of “C-” or higher to count toward the 20 semester hour minimum. BCPM coursework completed at another institution may count toward the 20 semester hours if posted as transfer credit to the partner college/university transcripts. Advanced Placement and CLEP (testing by exam) credit earned may count toward the 20 semester hours if posted as BCPM course equivalent credit to the partner college/university transcripts.
  • Prerequisite course work: Completion of at least one semester of general biology (CSU BIO 200/201 or equivalent) and two semesters of general chemistry (CSU CHM 261/266 and CHM 262/267 or equivalent) prior to beginning the program and ordinarily no more than five years before beginning the program, with minimum individual grades of C and a GPA across these courses of at least 3.0.
    • Students who do not meet these prerequisite requirements at the time of application to the program can still be considered, so long as they document how they will meet the requirements by the time the program begins (for example, by taking or retaking courses in spring or summer semesters). If admitted with these courses pending, admission will be contingent on successful completion of the planned coursework.
    • Students with older courses with satisfactory grades may be considered if they can validate their knowledge with contemporary work or educational experiences.
    • In determining eligibility, only the most recent course attempt will be considered.
  • Complete the CASPer test with scores made available to NEOMED at the time of the official transcript deadline for early assurance consideration. Completed applications without CASPer results shall not be eligible for interview consideration for the Early Assurance Undergraduate Program. CASPer is an online test which assesses for non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program and will complement the other tools that we use for applicant screening. The CASPer test is comprised of 12 sections of video and written scenarios. Following each scenario, you will be required to answer a set of probing questions under a time contract. The test typically takes between 75-90 minutes to complete. Each response is graded by a different rater, giving a very robust and reliable view of personal and professional characteristics important to our program. No studying is required for CASPer, although you may want to familiarize yourself with the test structure at, and ensure you have a quiet environment to take the test. Please visit to familiarize yourself with the American Professional Health Sciences test (CSP10101). In order to take CASPer, you will be responsible for securing access to a computer with audio capabilities, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection on your selected test date. CASPer can be taken practically anywhere that you can satisfy the aforementioned requirements. No exceptions will be provided for applicants unable to take CASPer online due to being located at sites where internet is not dependable due to technical or political factors. The associated fees for taking the CASPer test are the responsibility of the student applicant.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Successfully complete interview process 
  • Go to NEOMED Admissions Webpage for details.

Additional suggested activities to be competitive for admission:

  • Meet regularly with academic advisors to stay on track academically.
  • Seek out clinical or research experiences.
  • Volunteer and/or service within the community, especially with underserved populations.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Get to know science faculty who may later on be able to recommend you for admission.
  • Shadow a physician(s) to learn more about the daily expectations of the profession.