Cleveland State University Partnerships for Urban Health

Interprofessional Education at CSU Engages Student Learning

CSU Partnerships for Urban Health

Interprofessional Education at Cleveland State University and through the NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health helps to prepare our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to collaboratively practice as a member of an interprofessional team. Students engage in courses, workshops, and community events to learn the four core competencies established by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative: values and ethics for interprofessional practice, roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teams & teamwork.

At Cleveland State, the IPE team is lead by Madalynn Wendland, Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences.  Her team, which is partly funded by a grant from the Cleveland Foundation through the NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health, helps to refine and improve healthcare education by exposing students to the interlocking relationships accross healthcare professions.

Previous studies have indicated the potential for interprofessional education to create positive attitudes toward future interprofessional work and collaboration, as well as assisting to decrease clinical error rates and improve the quality of team functioning, patient care, and patient outcomes. To aid entry-level healthcare professionals in learning the fundamental concepts of patient care, exposing students to interprofessional education (IPE) is essential. 


Develop and implement intentional IPE and collaboration of students, faculty and staff from two or more disciplines to enhance engage learning and prepare future professionals to provide safe and effective health care.


A sustainable interprofessional learning culture to prepare students to engage in person-centered care and improve population health outcomes.

CSU Partnerships for Urban Health

CSU Partnerships for Urban Health