School of Health Sciences

MSHS Advising


MSHS Program serves the educational needs of 3 major groups of students:

  1. Health care providers who have a degree in a traditional health care field – eg. Occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), dietician, medical technician, radiology technologist, dental hygienist, nurse, physician assistant, etc.

    1. The MSHS degree is sought to advance education in areas of leadership, research, management, and teaching to name a few.

  2. Pre-physician assistant students.  Students seeking entry into the MSHS/PA program can complete the pre-PA track of the BSHS.

  3. General track BSHS students or those seeking employment in a health care environment who are not trained as a health care provider.  These ‘non-traditional’ students must receive advising to develop a degree completion plan that will make them marketable for work in health care.  Examples of jobs include:  working in a research lab, management positions in various patient care departments, etc.

ADVISING: Contact Martha Burt, administrative assistant (687-3567)

The MSHS Program prepares health care professionals to emerge as health service managers and clinical leaders in delivering client-centered care as members of an interdisciplinary teams emphasizing evidence-based practice.

The Program objectives for graduates are to:
1. Demonstrate self-directed learning skills in order to continue independent and life-long learning;
2. Demonstrate the ability to assume diverse roles in today’s rapidly changing healthcare, social, and community service environments;
3. Identify and analyze cultural influences on practice and emerging healthcare practice issues;
4. Utilize outcome measures and evidence-based research to evaluate the effectiveness of health, social, or community systems; and
5. Utilize information technology to improve health, social, or community systems.

The Program requires the completion of 36 credit hours and requires 5 core courses:
  HSC 501 Issues in Health Sciences (3 credits)
  HSC 502 Leadership Roles in Health Sciences (3 credits)
  HSC 503 Research and Analysis in Health Sciences (3 credits)
  HSC 504 Seminar in Health Sciences Professions (3 credits)
  HSC 505 Culture and Health Care (3 Credits)

Nine elective credits are required which allows students to gain specialized knowledge in areas such as biological sciences (pathology, physiology), bioethics, health care administration, informatics, or health education to name a few.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  Students must apply to the Graduate College AND the MSHS Program – 2 applications, 1 fee!  Both applications can be accessed on the CSU website – go to Graduate catalogue.