School of Health Sciences


About Us

Our Mission

To create a seamless pipeline for undergraduate students to graduate studies/professional school in medicine and allied health professions.

Our Vision

To increase the number of underrepresented minority, educationally disadvantaged, and economically disadvantaged scholars in medical and allied health professional programs.


Entering college can be scary. It’s a completely unfamiliar environment after all. But then, to add your dreams of becoming a doctor, nurse or a health professional on top of it can make it that much scarier.

That is why The Urban Health Fellows (UHF) Program exists. We serve incoming freshmen and sophomores interested in becoming health professionals, and we are here to make your transition from high school to college seamless.


By participating in UHF, Fellows benefit from the following:

-          UHF Book Scholarship ($500 per semester)

-          Research through HPAC (Health Professions Affinity Community)

-          Mentors

-          Academic Advising

-          Internships

-          Social Events

-          Networking

-          Community Outreach

-          In-house Tutoring

-          Health Professions Seminars

-          Professional Development