Diversity Management Specialization M.A.

Diversity Management Specialization M.A.


Dear Instructors, Students, and Friends of the Diversity Management Program (DMP),

I am writing today August, 29, 2018 with some exciting news.  As you may know, there have been ongoing discussions about the best path forward for the DMP.  Dr. Ronnie Dunn, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Cleveland State University, is committed to a revised - and interdisciplinary - Diversity and Inclusion Program.  The present plans for the revised program include professional development opportunities - and current part-time and adjunct instructors in the Department of Psychology DMP will be invited to participate in discussions about the revised program.  The CSU Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and University Engagement is proceeding with plans to establish a Diversity Institute.  The Diversity Institute and/or other academic units at CSU will be considered as potential homes for the revised program.  As a necessary step in the transition process, at the faculty meeting on August 24, 2018 the full-time faculty in the Department of Psychology voted to suspend the Diversity Management specialization of our M.A. program in psychology. As Dean Bond indicated in a previous message, current students will be able to complete their degrees on schedule, and we are committed to their success in doing so.

The Department of Psychology is looking forward to working closely with Dr. Dunn and other stakeholders as Cleveland State University develops a state-of-the-art Diversity and Inclusion Program. Again, current part-time and adjunct instructors in the Department of Psychology DMP will be invited to participate in discussions about the revised program. In addition, full-time faculty members in the Department of Psychology are enthusiastic about opportunities to contribute to this revised program (and to other Diversity Institute programs) on collaborative research projects and as course instructors.  

Another agenda item of our faculty meeting on August 24, 2018 was a discussion about diversity and inclusion more broadly.  Two outcomes of that discussion were 1) strong support for revising our departmental bylaws to include a standing committee on Diversity and Inclusion and 2) interest in diversity and inclusion training opportunities for full-time faculty and staff.  As a department, we are excited about the revised program, departmental initiatives around diversity and inclusion, and playing a role in other initiatives of the Diversity Institute. 


Conor T. McLennan, Ph.D.

Cleveland State University

Professor and Chair - Department of Psychology


The first and only program in the country combining cultural competence with leadership development.

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Develop the following culturally intelligent leadership competencies:

  • Global cultural skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective conflict management
  • Capacity to cope with ambiguity
  • Lead change successfully
  • Transform resistance into readiness
  • Use team conflict to create team advantage
  • Understand the influence of culture on team performance
  • Create work climates that increase engagement and improve productivity
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation

Exceptional leadership is not haphazard. Come learn with us and increase your leadership value.

There are two options:

  • The Master’s degree in Diversity Management (40 credits)
  • The Graduate Certificate (18 credits) for professionals who already hold an advanced degree.

All graduates also earn certification as Diversity Professionals (CDP).


Phone: 216-687-2587 Email: diversityprogram@csuohio.edu

Program Highlights

  • Executive MBA style format
  • Designed for busy professionals
  • Class meets one weekend a month for 21 months
  • All inclusive affordable fee
  • Experienced faculty with global expertise
  • Hands on learning environment with carefully crafted curriculum
  • Network with other talented professionals from business, healthcare, education, non-profit and government agencies