Diversity Management Specialization M.A.

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Welcome!  Do you work in a complex organization? Are you challenged with meeting the needs of your diverse clients, students, customers and constituencies? Then we may be able to help! We have an exciting and highly interactive selection of courses from which you may choose one or several, designed for:

  • Professionals from all  occupations and sectors who can advance the organizational and financial success of their workplaces
  • Educators at all levels who want to meet the diverse needs of their students

The Masters Program in Diversity Management is committed to providing high quality, relevant CE and MCE programs to individuals who are interested in strengthening their professional profiles, through continued growth, development and skill building. We offer dynamic programs on a variety of challenging subjects concerning culturally competent professional behavior in diverse work environments.

Contact us directly if you have a topic you want us to address and you have enough people to fill an entire class and we can bring the program to you. Dept. Phone: 216-687-2587 Email: diversityprogram@csuohio.edu

Prof Develop

Dept. Phone: 216-687-2587 Email: diversityprogram@csuohio.edu