Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences


The BGES Department offers a wide range of instruction in the fields of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science.

Students at both undergraduate and graduate levels have the opportunity to carry out research in conjunction with faculty, as well as independent study in areas of their own interest.

Together with adjunct researchers at the Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, the department has a strong focus on basic research in molecular and cell biology as related to biomedical questions.

A second major research focus is on the physical and biological aspects of the environment and ecology of the region.

Chair Dr. Crystal Weyman
(216) 687-6971
Associate Chair  Dr. Ralph Gibson
(216) 523-7538
Associate Chair, Biology
Advisor (Post-baccalaureate & Med Tech) 
Dr. Barbara Modney
(216) 687-2448
Biology Undergraduate Program Director Dr. Aaron Severson
(216) 687-4864
Environmental Sciences Undergraduate
Program Director & Advisor 
Dr. Julie Wolin
(216) 687-3505
Undergraduate Honors Program Advisor  Dr. Bibo Li
(216) 687-2444
Graduate Program Director Dr. Girish Shukla
(216) 687-2395
Administrative Coordinator  Ms. Carolee Pichler
(216) 523-7270
Departmental Secretary 2 Ms. Carla Kurtz
(216) 523-7270
Laboratory Manager  Ms. Michele Zinner
(216) 687-2443
Laboratory Coordinator  Ms. Susan Moreno-Molek
(216) 687-2522

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