Welcome to the College of Sciences and Health Professions Advising Center! Our goal is to provide COSHP undergraduate majors with all the information that they need regarding course scheduling and academic policies and procedures. The links on the right of the screen will provide you with a great deal of information, but we encourage you to come in as often as you need. We are here to help answer your questions as well as help you build a network of resources that will assist you in your ultimate goal – graduation.

It is important to understand the structure of advising at Cleveland State. Students receive undergraduate advising in two distinct areas: General Education Requirements and Major Requirements. College of Sciences and Health Professions students are advised of General Education Requirements, which are required of all undergraduate students regardless of academic program, through an Academic Advisor in the COSHP Advising Center. Advising regarding Major Requirements is received through a Faculty Advisor in the department which houses the academic major. Students are also encouraged to utilize the online undergraduate catalog, which contains information on both General Education and Major Requirements. For those students who are also considering attending a Medical, Pharmacy, Dental or Veterinary school after the completion of their degree, additional advising is available through the Coordinator of Pre-Professional Medical Programs. Learn more information about these Pre-Professional Programs in the College of Sciences and Health Professions.

Graduate advising is conducted by a Faculty Advisor in the department which houses the program of study. As with undergraduate students, graduate students are also encouraged to utilize the online graduate catalog for more information on the coursework required of each academic program.

Located in the Main Classroom building, room 218.


Standard Office Hours:
Monday:  8:00am-5:00pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Thursday & Friday:  8:00am-5:00pm


To schedule an appointment, log in to your Campus Net account and on the student tab, click on Star Fish (blue star). Under your "My Success Network" box you will find your assigned advisor and can schedule an appointment from there.  You can also call our office at 216-687-9321.

To contact the COSHP Advising Office: 216-687-9321 |

The COSHP Advising Office is located in Main Classroom Building, Room 218.