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To our campus community – June 17, 2022

As we indicated last week, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announce changes in COVID-19 levels in Cuyahoga County, the university will adjust its protocols accordingly.

Because COVID-19 levels in the county have dropped from "medium" to "low," effective Tuesday, June 21, mask-wearing on campus (including in classrooms and laboratories) will be optional.

We recognize and appreciate that some members of the community will choose to continue wearing a mask when not required. That is consistent with CDC recommendations for those who are unvaccinated or immunocompromised. Do what is best for you while respecting the choices of others.

For the remainder of the summer, we will continue to follow CDC guidelines based on the COVID level in Cuyahoga County.  

When Cuyahoga County COVID cases are:

High: Masks are required in all indoor spaces on campus

Moderate: Masks are required in classrooms and labs, and recommended in all other indoor spaces 

Low: Masks are optional, and members of the community should do what is best for them, while supporting the choices of others.

The CDC updates its data on community COVID levels each Thursday. If the level changes, we will notify you the following day (Friday) and the corresponding change to our masking protocols will go into effect on Monday.

We continue to monitor and adapt our safety efforts based on guidance from the CDC and public health officials. Thank you for helping keep our community safe.  


Your CSU Leadership Team

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