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Student Employment Opportunity

Resident Assistant: 

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We are looking for a Resident Assistant, whose responsibilities include but are not limited to: providing a residential environment conducive to academic and personal success by maintaining role model status and acting as a liaison between residents and staff.

         To be successful in this position, you should:

1.    A high school diploma and diploma in progress from Cleveland State University

2.    The ability to understand and adhere to policies and procedures, and exercise effective verbal and written skills with residents and guests

3.    Deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations

4.    Ability to effectively present information and respond to common inquiries or complaints from residents, prospective tenants and general public

Community Desk Assistant:

The Community Desk Assistant is responsible for three areas of accountability:

  • Maintain Community Standards and Safety
  • Assist Students- Provide Customer Service 
  • Perform Administrative Tasks 
Residence Life Ambassador: 

The Residence Life Ambassador serves as the student representation of the Department of Residence Life and Cleveland State University by allowing access to your unit for Admissions programs. Each resident will allow his/her room to serve as the model bedroom on a rotating schedule. During the time that your bedroom is the model bedroom, the following MUST be followed: 

  • Keeping your room clean, uncluttered, appropriate and ready to show at any time (i.e. no dirty laundry or personal items on the floor, floor vacuumed, etc.)
  • Bed must be made
  • Residents must keep the common areas (living room, bathrooms, and kitchen) clean during the show times
  • Role modeling a positive and professional attitude and behaviors
  • Promoting student involvement in University and Residential life activities and events
Leasing Assistant:

When looking for a Leasing Assistant, whose responsibilities include but are not limited to: the ability to understand and adhere to policies and procedures, use basic math skills and effective verbal and written communication skills with residents and guests.

  • Generating New Leads
  • Conducting Tours
  • Maintaining Showrooms
  • Conducting Room Assignments/Roommate Matching 
  • Attending Marketing Events