Residence Life

Room Selection

Residents who currently live in Fenn Tower, Euclid Commons, or Heritage Hall are eligible for Room Selection on March 26 or 27. Click here to view how room selection works!

Signing up to live on campus for the 2014-2015 Academic Year is simple. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Submit an application to the Department of Residence Life office by Friday, March 7, 2014 to be eligible for Room Selection or go online to our website

NOTE: The $50 application fee is waived for current residents

Room Selection Process   NOTE: you will receive more information via email regarding this process. There will also be informational sessions for you to attend to get all of your questions answered. If you cannot attend one of the info sessions, please view the powerpoint presentation above. If you are not able to attend room selection, please download and complete a proxy form. More information about the proxy form is available on the powerpoint presentation. Please have your proxy keep this form and bring it with them to room selection.

  • All rooms on campus will be available except those set aside, as needed for medical accommodation, and incoming first year students (first year floors, and sections on floors).
  • Students will be grouped according to semesters in residence at the time of room selection. You will receive one point for every semester you’ve lived on campus.
    March 26: Group A: 7 or more points
    March 26: Group B: 5-6 points
    March 26: Group C: 3-4 points
    March 27: Group D: 1-2 points
  • Groupings will be announced via email, posted at community desks and Department of Residence Life office on Friday, March 14.  Students will be encouraged to double check their grouping, and ask questions BEFORE random lottery numbers are assigned. 
  • Within each group, students will be assigned a lottery number selected randomly. Once a lottery number is assigned, it is final for that individual. 
  • Lottery Numbers will be posted at community desks, Department of Residence Life office and via email on Friday, March 21 and will be verified on housing selection night.

Dates, Time and Location
Room Selection: March 26 or 27
Location-FT 3rd floor lobby (check-in), FT Gameroom (waiting area), FT Seminar Room (select room)  FT Ballroom (sign lease and meal plan)

Process: Selection will occur in the FT Gameroom. Students will wait in the FT Gameroom and must be present when number is called. The lowest lottery number in a group of roommates will select the room. All roommates must be present. If a roommate is not available, another student must serve as a proxy. A proxy can be sent utilizing a proxy form filled out ahead of time. Proxy forms will be available in advance from the Department of Residence Life office or online. Students arriving late (after their number has been called) will be placed at the end of their grouping (if number 3 has already been called, but the student shows up 10 minutes later, they will need to go to the end of the group A line in fairness to those already in line. Exception: if their roommate is number 34, and that number has not been called, they can select under the roommates number). We strongly recommend that if you believe for any reason you will be late that you fill out a proxy form so that, if needed, someone may choose on your behalf. If all rooms are filled, a waitlist will be formed. Individuals present at room selection will be given priority over any later additions to the waitlist.

Note: The $150 security deposit that you paid for this academic year is transferred over to the 2014-2015 academic year once you sign your new housing lease.