Multi-College Interdisciplinary Research Program (MIRP) Request for Proposals

The Multi-College Interdisciplinary Research Program (MIRP) provides funding for broad and collaborative research activities that are interdisciplinary and involve faculty from multiple colleges across CSU. Review the guidelines below for more information.

MIRP Guidelines & Cover Page

Multi-College Interdisciplinary Research Program (MIRP)

MIRP Awards
STEM Teacher Turnover and Identity – September 2015

Professors Joanne Goodell (College of Education and Human Services), Vasilios Kosteas (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences), and Michael Horvath (College of Sciences and Health Professions) represent the first team to win CSU's MIRP award. The team proposes to investigate the individual and programmatic factors that lead to STEM teacher turnover. STEM teacher turnover results in high training costs for schools, reduced morale among teachers, and reduced learning among students. This project is unique because it integrates insights from economics (Dr. Kosteas), psychology (Dr. Horvath), and teacher education (Dr. Goodell). The MIRP award will allow the team to collect data to validate the reliability of their survey instruments, and will enable them to submit a strong proposal for external funding to the NSF.

Designing Materials for Drug Delivery with Help from High School Students – October 2015

Professors Nolan Holland (College of Engineering), Kiril Streletzky (College of Sciences and Health Professions), and Robert Ferguson (College of Education and Human Services) have been granted an MIRP award from the Office of Research. The team’s project has two overarching goals: (1) to perform cutting edge research on advanced materials, and (2) to provide an authentic research experience for high school students. The scientific objectives will be driven by Drs. Holland and Streletzky, who have a track record of collaborative research on the synthesis and characterization of protein-based nanoparticles. Their research will explore the optimization of nanoparticles for the encapsulation and controlled release of drug compounds. Dr. Ferguson will coordinate the pedagogical and logistical issues associated with the integration of this research at two local high schools: Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills, Ohio) and MC2STEM on the CSU campus. The MIRP award will allow this interdisciplinary team to establish a biotechnology course for designing new protein-based materials, and will allow the team to collect preliminary data for proposals to the NSF and NIH.

An Ultrasensitive, Non-Invasive Detection Platform for Disease Biomarkers – January 2016

Professors Siu-Tung Yau (College of Engineering), Aimin Zhou (College of Sciences and Health Professions), Eddie Lam (College of Education and Human Services), and Harry Fox (College of Engineering) have been granted an MIRP award from the Office of Research. The team's research builds on previous results from Prof. Yau, who has invented and patented an ultrasensitive molecular detection method, and Prof. Zhou, who has discovered a novel urine-based biomarker for the diagnosis of liver cancer. The research team proposes to develop an inexpensive, hand-held device capable of detecting extremely low concentrations of disease biomarkers in urine. Prof. Fox will provide the technology expertise to design a prototype of the meter, which will have an expected cost of less than $200. Prof. Lam will conduct a survey in Cleveland and across the nation on the applicability and demand of the device for the detection of traumatic brain injury among high school football players. The research team plans to use the MIRP award to collect preliminary results for external funding from the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society.