Office of the University Registrar

Undergraduate Repeat Course Policy

The Course Repeat Option provides undergraduate students who have done poorly the opportunity to repeat courses and be able to calculate their new grades in place of their previous grades. Thus, if a course is repeated using this option, the grade of the most recent attempt of that course will be used in calculating the cumulative GPA and for completion of program requirements. The original course will remain on the official transcript for historical purposes only.

If you are receiving financial aid,  you should verify with the Financial Aid office that repeating a course won’t affect your eligibility status.

Repeating "D" or "F" graded courses while earning your undergraduate degree:

  • Courses may be repeated when any grade equivalent to a D or below which affects the grade point average has been earned
  • Course Repeat Option may NOT be applied more than two (2) times to the same course.
  • The letter grade earned in the most recent attempt will be included in cumulative credit totals and grade point average, even if that grade is lower than the previous grade
  • All subsequently repeated courses and grades will be recorded on the transcript and noted that the course has been repeated
  • All courses designated with a repeat note will not be included in cumulative credit totals and grade point averages and are not applicable toward graduation requirements
  • Course Repeat Option does not apply to courses which have an alternative repeat policy stated in their course descriptions. Academic programs may also restrict the use of Course Repeat Option...
  • Course Repeat Option does not apply to courses graded S/U. Only courses for which a letter grade can be earned are covered by Course Repeat Option.

Repeating Courses graded "C-" or Higher while earning your undergraduate degree:

Students may choose to repeat courses in which a grade of a C- or higher is earned a maximum of two (2) times (depending on whether there are any restrictions specific to that course - see course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalogue to determine if restrictions apply). However, courses repeated under these circumstances will have all earned grades calculated into the cumulative GPA and overall credits earned and Course Repeat Option will not apply.

Note: Effective Summer 2005, this new comprehensive Course Repeat Option replaced the existing Course Repeat and Freshman Forgiveness policy. The Course Repeat Option is not retroactive to courses already repeated under prior policies. Students repeating courses originally taken on quarters or that do not have the same title, course abbreviation, or catalog number as the original course must submit a Course Repeat Form to All-in-1 in BH 116.