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Rock the Rec  ||  CSU Rec Golf Scramble  ||  WellFest
Student Employment Job Fair

In addition to the myriad of other activities to participate in at our facility, we also host several special events for students, faculty, staff and community members. Cool, interactive events like Rock the Rec and health and wellness events like WellFest are just a couple of the events you can participate in at the Rec!

While they may feature varying themes and activities, all of our events focus on building excitement and engagement with the Rec Center, the university and the local community. And they provide us with an additional (and awesome!) way to give back. 

Special Events at the CSU Rec

Get Involved with the CSU Rec via Sponsorships!

Partnering with the CSU Rec Center through one of our many sponsorship options gives you a ton of value. We have multiple sponsorship options for each of our events that fit any budget or goal; or consider becoming a CSU Rec Event Partner which bundles multiple event sponsor packages at a discount, saving you money!  Click here to view our Event Sponsorship packet for more details.

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We welcome and encourage you to be a part of this awesome and engaging event! Contact Matthew Schmiedl, Assistant Director-Marketing & Technology for Campus Recreation Services, if you would like more information about our sponsorship packages and opportunities: 216-802-3251, or

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