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Wellness Illuminated!

Achieving optimal health for yourself is a continuous journey, and we're here to help light the way! Our wellness initiative, Shine Well, will help you explore the many facets of wellness and find ways to incorporate them into your life. Explore these web pages to learn more about the dimensions of wellness, the benefits of each, and start crafting a more well-rounded wellness lifestyle. Then, look for the light bulb icons throughout our website and in the CSU Rec Program and Membership Guides to help identify classes, programs, services, and events within each dimension of wellness so you can... 

Shine Your Brightest!

​​​​​​​What is the Importance of Wellness?

The pursuit of health, personal growth, beneficial relationships, and optimized quality of life relies on living a balanced life. To support this goal and find balance and happiness, it’s essential to care for your mind, body and spirit, as well as the world with which you surround yourself. Focusing on total wellness addresses and supports ALL your health and well-being needs, reduces health risks, and ultimately improves all aspects of your life.

Click through each dimension of wellness below to read more about them and find programs, services, and resources you can use to help reach your wellness goals. 

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​​​​​​​Set Your Wellness Goals

Now that we’ve enLIGHTened you about each dimension of wellness, their benefits, and how they can postiively impact your life, you can start lighting the way towards a more balanced well-being. Create short-term and long-term goals using the worksheet below to help you focus and commit to living a more healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.  (Hint: using SMART goals can help: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.)

Download the Shine Well Goals Worksheet 


Illuminate Your Path to Wellness

Once you have your wellness goals in place, create a daily/weekly plan from which you can work to instill healthy new habits and activities. Strive to incorporate activities in all 7 dimensions of wellness at least 1x/week and don’t be afraid to start small and build up as you become more comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll reap the benefits of a more healthy and balanced wellness lifestyle!

Download the Shine Well Weekly Planner