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Help Your Employees Be the Best They Can Be.

We've Got Everything You Need Right Here - and it's FREE to Join!

If you are interested in developing your worksite wellness program and providing your employees with an outstanding health benefit, the Recreation Center at Cleveland State University has what you need. The benefits of starting an exercise program for yourself or your company are weight management, improved physical fitness and stamina, lower levels of stress, decreased chronic disease and increased well being. In the workplace you will see reduced health care costs, reduced short-term sick leave, and increased productivity.

Campus Recreation Services offers a variety of services to our members and surrounding communities allowing you the opportunity to sponsor specific program areas or special events, and allow you the opportunity to advertise within the facility and throughout the CSU community. Your organization has the opportunity to take advantage of our marketing efforts through publications, building signage, tabling opportunities, and more!

By partnering with the CSU Rec, your employees will receive the following:

  • FREE Two-Week Trial Membership
  • Waived initiation fee for all corporate members ($50 value).
  • The Sponsored Membership rate of $42/month for all of your employees, spouses, partners, or dependents. (Membership rates are subject to change. Employees will be notified at least 30 days in advance of any changes in membership rates).
  • Employers may choose to pay the membership cost of each employee who choose to join or have the employee pay out of pocket.
    In lieu of purchasing a membership all employees may self-sponsor their entrance into the facility at a daily rate of $10.00 if they choose.

Please contact Jason Mandula, Assistant Director of Facility Operations, for more information at 216-802-3209 or Or you can complete and submit the form below to be contacted with more information or to discuss our Corporate Membership program in greater detail.