Recreation Center

A Recap of Shutdown 2019

cleaning equipment

Our annual Maintenance Shutdown typically occurs each year during the week following our spring semester finals at the university in mid-May. During this time, we perform large-scale maintenance and cleaning, installations projects, and improvements to the whole facility. Many of these projects require drying/curing time that require areas and surfaces to be closed off for extended periods of time. This year we completed a huge list of projects during Shutdown, including:

  • Screening and Resealing Racquetball Courts
  • Screening and Resealing Studios 112, 227, and 229
  • Installation of new carpet in main lobby and Pro Shop
  • Installation of wall graphics and bulletin boards throughout the facility
  • Painting of green ceilings and lobby wall near Innerlink 
  • Re-felting pool tables
  • Professional re-calibrations to exercise machines and equipment
  • Replacing of various barbells and all hanging exercise mats
  • Washing of all weight plates, dumbbells and equipment
  • Cleaning, buffing and touch-up painting of Locker Room lockers
  • Repairing and re-grouting tile in Locker Rooms
  • Cleaning and buffing 3rd floor weight room floor
  • Installation of new spray bottle & valet towel holders
  • Machine cleaning of Indoor Track
  • Machine cleaning of Total Body Room and Functional Fitness rubberized flooring
  • High cleaning throughout facility
  • Replacing damaged carpet tiles and ceiling tiles
  • Cleaning carpeting throughout facility
  • Washing of all mirrors and internal and external windows
  • Cleaning and touch-up painting of MAC Gym
  • De-scuffing and cleaning of Racquetball and Squash Courts
  • Deep cleaning and touch-up painting through facility
  • Deep cleaning of Locker Rooms and Restrooms
  • Cleaning of all equipment mats and platforms
  • Installation of upgrades to iPad displays
  • Cleaning and re-organization of Pro Shop

carpet installation in CSU Rec Center lobby

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for cleaning supplies between sets or after a workout, you’re in luck. During Shutdown, we installed a new piece of hardware in an attempt to simplify the process of locating the nearest disinfectant spray bottle and towel. We’ve recently mounted stainless steel bottle holders throughout the facility on pillars near strength, cardio, and stretching equipment. These will be used in conjunction with a handful of our traditional GymValets that were previously mounted on railings and various pieces of equipment. 

mounted bottle holders

As our annual Maintenance Shutdown for 2019 ends, we'd like to thank our members for their patience during this down time to our facility. We appreciate your understanding while we work to keep our facility the best it can be! To see more photos from the Shutdown, check out our Facebook page. Make sure you stop in soon to see all the improvements we have made at the CSU Rec Center!

painting and cleaning in the Pro Shop