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Mario Suarez

Mario SuarezMario Suarez

ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications and Experience
Mario earned his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Capital University and is currently working on masters in exercise physiology at Cleveland State University. He became a personal trainer to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals and maintain an overall healthier lifestyle. He has been a part of competitive athletic teams all the way through college and has the capability to motivate others to the best of their ability in order to succeed in completing their goals. He is constantly looking into new exercises and types of training online, or through books, to keep exercising fresh and enjoyable. Mario specializes in functional training, muscular hypertrophy and endurance, along with CR endurance, but able to prescribe programs for all types of clients.

Quote to Live By
"Exercise is Medicine"

Check out Mario's video bio below as he shares more information about himself and his personal training style. And if you're interested in training with Mario, stop by the Pro Shop today to get started!