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Rent a Locker at the CSU Rec Center

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Lockers at the CSU RecWe have a variety of locker rental options available that make it convenient to store your workout clothes and gear when you're at the Rec. Lockers are available in both the Rec Center as well as the Main Classroom building. PLUS, locker rentals include FREE towel service at the Rec! Monthly and semesterly rental options provide an easy way to reserve your locker for as long as you need it. Get your locker today!

Locker Rental Options
  • $10 per month (includes combination and complimentary towel service)
  • $40 semester rental (includes combination and complimentary towel service)
    • NOTE: CSU students are only eligible to purchase a semester locker provided they are enrolled in the current semester.
Additional Options
  • Free day lockers (must provide your own lock and remove it prior to the building closing)
  • Digital day lockers have been installed outside the Main Gym, in the weight room, and on the track. Please utilize these new lockers as personal items will no longer be permitted in the Main Gym.

For more info, please see our Locker Policies.