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Jocelyn Blough

CSU Rec Personal Trainer Jocelyn BloughJocelyn Blough

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications and Experience
Jocelyn is an ACE certified personal trainer working towards her bachelor's degree in Health Science. She has a love for resistance training but also enjoys other forms of exercise including boxing, functional fitness training and more. Her primary focus is to create fun and effective workout plans that are specific to each of her client's goals. Sharing her knowledge about muscular hypertrophy, fat loss, and flexibility is a critical part of her training style. Jocelyn prides herself in giving clients the tools they need to not only achieve their goals but maintain them as well. 

Favorite Fitness Quote
"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

Check out Jocelyn's video bio below as she shares more information about herself and her personal training style. And if you're interested in training with Jocelyn, stop by the Pro Shop today to get started!