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CSU Rec Intramural SoccerThe Intramural Sports Program provides a variety of leagues and tournaments throughout the year to all students, faculty, staff and Recreation Center members. These contests emphasize mental, social, and physical well-being. Intramural Sports build a community atmosphere for the university through friendly competition. Good sportsmanship is valued above all else.

We have lots to play and get involved in! Scroll through the listings below and check out all of our current and upcoming leagues and tournaments!

Spring 2020

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Spring Leagues
Session 1:
5v5 Basketball (Monday Evenings) January 27, 2020 - March 2, 2020
5v5 Basketball (Tuesday Evenings) January 28, 2020 - March 3, 2020
5v5 Indoor Soccer (Wednesday Evenings) January 29, 2020 - March 4, 2020

6v6 Volleyball (Monday Evenings) March 23, 2020 - April 27, 2020
6v6 Volleyball (Tuesday Evenings) March 24, 2020 - April 28, 2020

Pop-Up Tournaments
Spikeball Tournament - February 29, 2020 from 10AM-1PM
Cornhole Tournament - April 30, 2020 from 2PM-5PM

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CSU Rec Intramural Volleyball CSU Rec Intramural Volleyball