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All the Outdoor Gear You Need at the Best Prices!

Whether camping in a nearby campground or backpacking into the wilderness, you can escape the crowds and enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to be - we have all the gear you need for all your outdoor pursuits AND at a fraction of the price! When you rent our backpacking or camping gear, you'll see just how much money you can save by renting rather than buying. Not a member? Not a problem! Gear rentals will now be offered for non-members. For more information, contact


Item 1-day Weekend Week
2-Person Tent M: $3 | NM: $10 M: $6 | NM: $21 M: $13 | NM: $42
3-Person Tent M: $4 | NM: $11 M: $8 | NM: $23 M: $17 | NM: $46
4-Person Tent M: $4 | NM: $12 M: $8 | NM: $25 M: $17 | NM: $50
Hiking Backpack M: $4 | NM: $8 M: $8 | NM: $17 M: $17 | NM: $34
Dry Bag M: $1 | NM: $3 M: $2 | NM: $6 M: $4 | NM: $13
0° Sleeping Bag M: $3 | NM: $8 M: $6 | NM: $17 M: $13 | NM: $34
35° Sleeping Bag M: $3 | NM: $6 M: $6 | NM: $13 M: $13 | NM: $25
60° Sleeping Bag M: $3 | NM: $6 M: $6 | NM: $13 M: $13 | NM: $25
Camping Chair M: $3 | NM: $6 M: $6 | NM: $8 M: $10 | NM: $13
Cooking Kit M: $3 | NM: $5 M: $6 | NM: $8 M: $10 | NM: $12
Head Lamp/Lantern M: $2 | NM: $5 M: $6 | NM: $6 M: $13 | NM: $13
Grill Stove M: $3 | NM: $6 M: $6 | NM: $13 M: $13 | NM: $25
Cooler M: $2 | NM: $4 M: $4 | NM: $8 M: $8 | NM: $10
Snow Shoes M: $2 | NM: $4 M: $4 | NM: $8 M: $8 | NM: $12
Trekking Poles M: $2 | NM: $4 M: $4 | NM: $8 M: $8 | NM: $12
Sleeping Pad M: $1 | NM: $2 M: $2 | NM: $4 M: $4 | NM: $8
Hammock M: $3 | NM: $5 M: $6 | NM: $8 M: $13 | NM: $15
Multi Purpose Tarp M: $3 | NM: $5 M: $6| NM: $8 M: $13 | NM: $15
**Camp Bundle M: $15 | NM: $20 M: $32 | NM: $42 M: $63 | NM: $84

M= Member | NM = Non-Member
**Camp Bundle includes choice of tent, choice of sleeping bag, hiking backpack, cooking kit, headlamp/latern, camp stove and a sleeping pad. 

Mountain Hardwear™ Drifter™ 2/3/4 Person Tents

Mountain Hardware™ Drifter™ 2 DP Tent

Quick, easy and compact, the Mountain Hardwear Drifter™ 2 DP tent is perfect for camping and backpacking. With fly-first (DryPitch™) pitching you can set the tent up in the rain and stay dry. This tent is perfect for the beginner camper on a weekend camping trip with friends!

Slumberjack 0-Degree Sleeping Bags

Slumberjack 0-Degree Sleeping BagsSlumberjack understands the importance of quality recreation and family time. The Latitude, from the Slumberjack Camping collection, is loaded with features like proprietary Slumberloft™ insulation, water-repellent shells and more, all to help make your nights outdoors memorable, for all the right reasons. Latitude bags are designed to retain warmth by fitting to the contours of your body yet are spacious enough to enable maximum comfort while sleeping.

The North Face 35 Degree Sleeping Bags

Coleman 20-Degree Sleeping Bags

Dial in your warmth when sleeping outdoors in milder conditions with this two-season mummy bag that's filled with Heatseeker™ Eco insulation. Our synthetic insulation offers an efficient warmth-to-weight ratio that's also highly compressible for easy packing. The full-length zippers on each side can be unzipped to allow the bag to lay flat and be used as a large, insulated campground blanket. 

Kelty Tumbler 60-Degree Sleeping Bags

Kelty Tumbler 40/60-Degree Sleeping BagsThe Kelty Tumbler 40°/60°bag easily adapts to every season to keep everyone smiling comfortably under the stars. With dual-temp technology, you can flip from the hot side that’s got extra warm Cloudloft™ insulation to the cool side that’s got a little less. A cotton liner blend will add to the coziness and a side-lock zipper will let you vent freely. Finding the perfect sleeping temperature has never required less effort.

Thermarest RidgeRest® SoLite® Sleeping Pad

Thermarest RidgeRest® SoLite® Sleeping PadThe RidgeRest® is the gold standard in lightweight, closed-cell sleeping pads. It is coated with a layer of Thermarest’s ® ThermaCapture™ technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify your warmth while also providing a layer of cushioning between you and the ground.

REI Crestrail 48 Backpack

REI Crestrail 48 BackpackThe REI Crestrail 48 Pack nicely balances comfort, organization and durability in a backpack designed for weekend trips. This backpack features an adjustable torso length so that you can get that “just right” fit. With multiple storage compartments this pack is perfect for up to a few days of backpacking on the trail!

Coleman® Grill Stove

Coleman® Grill StoveThe Coleman® Grill Stove is a durable, steel-crafted outdoor appliance that offers camp cooks a grill and a stove at the same time. Both fully-adjustable cooking surfaces generate up to 10,000 BTU of cooking power while built in windshields and PerfectFlow™ Propane Pressure Control Technology keep the heat steady for consistent cooking. (Note: Propane is not included.)

Texsport The Trailblazer H.A. QT. Cook Set

Texsport The Trailblazer H.A. QT. Cook SetThis portable camp cook set is durable, abrasion-resistant and twice as hard as stainless steel! It's lightweight and provides even heat transfer with triple coat Quantum2® non-stick interior which makes camp cooking and cleaning easy, healthy and fun. This set includes an 8-1/2" fry pan, 2-1/2qt. and 3-1/2qt. pots with lids for each, and conveniently stacks together for easy storage and transport.

Texsport Pathfinder Mess Kit

Texsport Pathfinder Mess KitThis portable mess kit is lightweight, durable, and abrasion-resistant. The Pathfinder mess kit provides even heat transfer with triple coat Quantum2® non-stick interior which makes camp cooking and cleaning easy, healthy and fun. This set includes a 6-1/2" fry pan, 6-1/2" fry pan cover/plate, 1/2qt. pot with lid, and an 8oz. plastic cup. The kit conveniently stacks together for easy storage and transport.

Coleman® 48qt. Chest Cooler

Coleman® 48qt. Chest CoolerTake this cooler to your next weekend of camping or afternoon picnic or bring the party with you when tailgating or even just in the backyard hanging out with friends and family. Two-way handles make this insulated cooler easy to transport and carry. A pull-tab drain on the side is leak resistant and rustproof, allowing for easy draining and cleaning.

SealLine Baja 40L Dry Bag

SealLine Baja 40L Dry BagProven on rivers, lakes, and oceans around the world, Baja Dry Bags by SealLine are versatile and durable. Made with 19 oz. vinyl sides and a heavy-duty 30 oz bottom, they can withstand just about any abuse Mother Nature, or your crew, can dish out. Baja Bags close with SealLine's Dry Seal roll-down closure and have an attached D-ring for securing inside a raft, canoe or on top of a luggage rack.

Petzl Tikkina Headlamps

Petzl Tikkina HeadlampsSimple, compact headlamp for proximity lighting 80 lumens The Tikkina headlamp offers 80-lumen brightness and a wide beam for proximity lighting. Simple and compact, it is perfect for reading maps, books and navigating campsites without blinding fellow campers, yet still has enough power to light objects 30m away.

Coleman® 4D CPX® 6 Classic LED Lantern

Coleman® 4D CPX® 6 Classic LED LanternThe Coleman® 4D CPX® 6 Classic LED Lantern delivers big lighting power from an easy-to-carry, personal sized lantern. This weather-resistant lantern utilizes a Cree XLamp XR-E LED to kick out 400 lumens on high setting and 140 lumens on low. Diffuser tube creates perfect illumination. (Note: Spare batteries not included)

Camping Chairs

Camping ChairsTake comfort with you to the campsite, BBQ or picnic with a Coleman broadband Quad chair. The mesh back allows the breeze to cool you on hot days while you enjoy a refreshing drink from the convenient mesh cup holder. The strong steel frame will make sure you'll always have a great seat, season after relaxing season. When the fun is done, the chair easily folds up into a carry bag for easy transport and storage.