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Rent Exercise Equipment at a Fraction of the Price of Buying!

In our current climate of remote work, limited business hours, and lifestyle restrictions due to the pandemic, fitness equipment is in short supply at gyms and retail stores, and expensive to purchase on your own. Now you can rent fitness equipment from the CSU Rec to use at home until we're fully re-opened. A variety of equipment bundles are available to meet your fitness interests, including bundles geared to specific group exercise classes and a wide range of fitness formats and styles.

How to Request Fitness Equipment Rental
  1. Renters must submit a Fitness Equipment Request form and arrange a time to pick-up the equipment. Submission of this form does not guarantee a rental. 
  2. You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your rental. 
  3. Online payment must be confirmed before equipment can be picked up. Login to our Online Portal here to setup your account and online payment. 
    •  See instructions below for using/accessing the Online Portal.
  4. Equipment pick up will be at the Chester Avenue parking cut out located on Chester Avenue just east of East 24th Street at the pre-arranged times. Late pick-up/drop off could result in late fees. 
  5. Upon pickup, renters must sign a Fitness Equipment Rental Agreement Form. 
  6. Additional information is available below in the FAQ section.


​​​​​​​FAQ - Fitness Equipment Rentals

What is the rental period?
Right now we are offering equipment rental through the end of Fall semester 2020. All rentals will run through Sunday, December 13, 2020. All rentals will need to be returned to the CSU Recreation Center curb-side drop-off location December 14-18th at the pre-determined times.

How does equipment pick-up work?
After completing the rental request form, receiving email confirmation from a fitness and wellness team member, and processing payment, you will receive a contact-free appointment slot to pick-up your equipment.

Will you be offering delivery and return pick-up?
No, we can only offer self-pickup and self-return. Delivery is not available. 

What if I want to return the equipment early?
Equipment can be returned before the agreed upon rental timeframe, but you will be charged for the full rental period. No proration of the equipment rental fee or refunds are available at this time. 

What if I want to keep the equipment longer?
We may be able to accommodate a rental extension. Please contact for more information. 

Are you required to be a CSU Rec Member in order to rent equipment?
Yes, in order to process billing we require that you have an active/frozen membership account.

Will the CSU Rec offer recorded or live-streamed fitness classes? 
Yes, the CSU Rec provides at-home class content via Zoom. Check out the live virtual schedule here!  

Will there be a rental agreement?
Yes, we will require signature on a formal rental agreement that will be provided at time of pick-up.  

How does billing work?
After completing the rental request form and receiving email confirmation of your rental request from a Fitness and Wellness team member, you will be asked to complete a secure transaction through the CSU Rec Online Portal using a credit card. You will be charged for your rental up-front. You will be required to put your credit card on file and as outlined in the rental agreement, continuation of rental, or failure to return with the agreed upon window, will result in additional charges. No proration of the equipment rental fee or refunds are available if you choose to return the equipment early.

Online Payment Instructions for Fitness Equipment Rental

If you are a CSU Rec member or a CSU student… 

  1. Go to the bottom of the Online Portal screen and click ‘I’m a member but I do not know my credentials.’
  2. Type in your Member ID or student ID. 
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Go back to the login page and use your username and password
    >> Once you are logged into your Online Portal account…
  5. Click ‘Account Information’
  6. Click ‘Billing Information’
  7. Click ‘Add new’ at the bottom right screen.
  8. Enter your credit card information. 
  9. Click ‘Save’