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​​​​​​​FitTogetherOur Fit Together program puts all of our fitness and wellness services and expertise in YOUR hands so you can create the perfect wellness plan for your needs. You have our full suite of services, certified instructors and educational offerings at your fingertips. You can customize and build a comprehensive annual wellness program or schedule just a few outreach events. No matter what you're looking for there's something to fit everyone. Your vision and our expertise are a perfect Fit Together!

Fit Together is available to ANYONE - CSU student groups, CSU departments, corporate partners, as well as community groups. These sessions and services can be held in residence halls, offices, conference rooms, or any other area depending on the groups' needs. See below for descriptions, pricing, and instructions on how to request a Fit Together service.

FitTogether a la Carte Options

Educational Sessions

CRS Fitness and Wellness experts will go to your group's desired on-campus/off-campus location to provide an engaging and interactive session. These educational sessions run approximately 45-60 minutes and can be tailored to meet your group's needs! For more details, click here...

CSU Student Groups: FREE!  ||  CSU Groups: FREE!
Community/Corporate Groups: $30

Wellness Appraisal Outreach

Campus Recreation Services Certified Personal Trainers will come to your group's desired on-campus/off-campus location to provide wellness appraisals for 5+ individuals. Participants will receive their personalized wellness report complete with an explanation of their results and related recommendations. For more details, click here...

CSU Student Groups: $50* ||  CSU Groups: $75*
Community/Corporate Groups: $100*
*Minimum of 5 participants (1 hour) plus $5/person thereafter.

Massage Therapy Outreach

All groups can benefit from the soothing and relaxing effects of massage therapy. By offering massage therapy to your group you can help reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, have greater student/company appreciation, and increase employee retention and morale. For more details, click here...

CSU Student Groups: $50/hour* ||  CSU Groups: $75/hour*
Community/Corporate Groups: $100/hour*
*Minimum of 5 participants and 1 hour required.

Nutrition Outreach

Want to learn how to eat more mindfully? How about how to navigate the grocery store and restaurant menus? Well with our nutrition outreach options, you can do all that and more! For more details, click here...

Nutrition Workshops
Chose from a variety of topics, including:

  • Navigating the grocery store and restaurant menus
  • Shopping and smart choices on campus
  • Mindful eating workshop - Learning to live healthfully without guilt or diets
  • Top 10 ways to keep fit and stay healthy
    • Learn how to better manage your time, avoid diets, the best exam cram snacks and more!

CSU Student Groups: $40/hour* ||  CSU Groups: $50/hour*
Community/Corporate Groups: $60/hour*
*Minimum of 5 participants (1 hour) plus $5/person thereafter

Cooking Demos
Choose from any of the following:

  • Dorm cooking-microwave meals and no bake snacks
  • Healthy Cooking 101-You have a kitchen, now what?
  • Simple, clean homemade meals

CSU Student Groups: $70/hour* ||  CSU Groups: $95/hour*
Community/Corporate Groups: $125/hour*
*Minimum of 5 participants (1 hour) plus $5/person thereafter

Fitness Outreach

Have fun and get moving with your group! Schedule a one-time or recurring private group fitness classes with one of our certified group fitness instructors. Choose from a variety of class formats geared toward all abilities and levels. For more details, click here...

One-Time Class Fees
CSU Student Groups: 
On-Campus Location: $40  ||  Rec Center: $40
CSU Groups: On-Campus Location: $50  ||  Rec Center: $60
Community/Corporate Groups: On-Campus Location: $60  ||  Rec Center: $65  ||  Off-Campus Location: $75

Recurring Class* Fees
CSU Student Groups: 
On-Campus Location: $30/class  ||  Rec Center: $30/class
CSU Groups: On-Campus Location: $40/class  ||  Rec Center: $50/class
Community/Corporate Groups: On-Campus Location: $50/class  ||  Rec Center: $55/class ||  Off-Campus Location: $65/class
*To receive the recurring class rate, a minimum of three (3) classes must be scheduled. All recurring classes must be scheduled no more than one month apart.


Interested in Fit Together or Have Questions?

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