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Evan Chistyson

Evan ChristysonEvan Christyson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications and Experience
Evan Christyson is a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise. He is currently working on his bachelor degree in Health Science and Chemistry. He specializes in functional strength and muscular growth and likes to use free weights and boxing equipment with his clients. Evan’s main focus is to write programs for his clients that help increase overall strength and flexibility to aid in accomplishing day-to-day tasks without complications. He loves working in the fitness setting of the Rec Center and having the opportunity to help clients improve their quality of life. Personally, he incorporates kickboxing, explosive power training, and bodybuilding-style workouts.

Check out Evan's video bio below as he shares more information about himself and his personal training style. And if you're interested in training with Evan, stop by the Pro Shop today to get started!